Alpha research for retail investors

SharpSignal is an initiative focused on research, development and deployment of alpha strategies for non-institutional investors.

What's an alpha?

We like a less formal, different from the academic definition: A combination of mathematical expressions and code that can be used to make tradable predictions on the markets, based on available data.
By 2019, at least 92% of the equity trade volume worldwide is executed by some type of algorithm.

Our activities

Research, develop and deploy alpha-based trading strategies

Porfolio construction algorithms

Quantitative models for markets behavior

Share knowledge, best practices, tools and technologies.

We believe local talent can succeed in global markets

Democratization of computing power, math, data science and platforms, create opportunities for talent with traditional non-finnancial backgrounds, who might be currently limited by the jobs they can find domestically.

Markets will always be appealing

Far from perfect, markets are a fascinating invention. Always evolving, they allow millions of people to invest in hundreds of thousands of instruments reflecting all aspects of assets and world economies.

Lots of data, technologies and tools

Easy and cheap access to data and computing tools, are an irresistible combination for curiosity and experimentation in an attempt to beat the benchmarks. Like alchemists in ancient times, we might not reach the ultimate goal but learn a lot on the way.

For retail investors, not for institutional or big money

We strive for a boutique size success. Looking for small capacity strategies, innovative opportunities in non-traditional markets and instruments. All without any institutional pressure or constraint.

Learn, experiment and share.

Looking for alpha sources is the perfect excuse to learn and experiment on multiple fields, sharing that journey with like-minded people. We try to make that process as transparent as we can via our research blog.
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